Y0: (y-naught)

William DUCK guillaume.fortaine at wanadoo.fr
Sun Oct 15 09:02:40 EDT 2006


I ask myself if we could take some ideas from this paper :


Y0:  (y-naught)  A next generation functional programming language.  The focus 
of this project is a synthesis of good ideas from the ML, Haskell,  Scheme, 
and LF communities.  In particular, we are designing a language that like ML 
and Scheme, is primarily call-by-value, but like Haskell, provides good 
support for laziness.  As in Haskell and FX, we are attempting to isolate 
effects and reflect them in the types.  As in Haskell, O'Caml, and LF, we are 
trying to push the boundaries of type systems and type inference to the next 
level.  Currently, I am working with Amal Ahmed, Mathew Fluet, and Aleks 
Nanevski on issues involving state and effects.  I am also working with 
Norman Ramsey & Paul Govereau on integrating type-classes with ML-style 

Concerning merging Haskell and ML, Manuel M T Chakravarty already did some 
great research :


For dependent types, we  have already :

http://www.e-pig.org/ ( lacks dependent I/O )

Moreover, the parallel programming seems to be the future due to the massive 
multithreading abilities of next-gen processor... :



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