String literals

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Sat Nov 11 04:08:00 EST 2006

Hello Lennart,

Saturday, November 11, 2006, 6:49:15 AM, you wrote:
> class IsString s where
>      fromString :: String -> s

> My guess is that the defaulting mechanism needs to be extended to
> default to the String type as well,

imho, it is MUST BE. this will allow to became ByteString and any
other alternative string implementation a first-class Haskell citizen

btw, String class is regularly debated and even implemented in fps-soc
project where it includes a lot of common string functionality. just a
head of this class:

class (Eq s) => Stringable s where
    -- Introducing and eliminating

    -- | The empty string.
    empty :: s
    -- | Create a string containing a single 'Char'.
    singleton :: Char -> s

    -- | Convert a string into a standard Haskell 'String'.
    toList :: s -> [Char]
    toList = foldr (:) []


this may be disputed as part of library reorganization

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