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Thu May 11 13:30:46 EDT 2006

On 5/11/06, Stephanie Weirich <sweirich at> wrote:
> a) standardize on MPTC and FDs using rules from CHR paper.

>   - We're already in that state. There *is* a lot of Haskell code that
> uses FDs, it's just not Haskell 98 code. Whenever ATs take over, we'll
> still have to deal with this code.

In my opinion, this one holds the greatest weight. The current mass of
*useful* and *used* code that is written with and requires FDs is
possibly the most important consideration of all.

Given that FD *syntax* is well-defined, I see no reason not to
standardize it. It remains, however, to decide on what level of
*minimum* termination support Haskell' will insist upon. The CHR paper
(with the confluence improvements by Claus) is currently the most
promising option, and has an implementation (another important
consideration) in GHC.

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