Alternatives to . for composition

Jared Updike jupdike at
Sat Mar 25 12:41:01 EST 2006

> 2218      RING OPERATOR
>           = composite function
>           = APL jot
>             00B0 degree sign
>             25E6 white bullet
> I don't think any other Unicode character should be considered.

That's great but
1) I have no idea how to type it. Can I easily and comfortably? In emacs?
2) Will it show up in PuTTY (and everyone else's terminals/IDEs)? in
everyone's mail readers (including Gmail)?
3) What encoding do my textfiles need to be in (i.e. how many bytes
per char)? How do I do that? Does Haskell even support everything
related to Unicode that we'd need?

If the answers are satisfactory to all these questions, then Unicode
is a good idea (and that's the ideal character). If not, we're sadly
stuck in ASCII land.


P.S. Plus that opens a lot of cans of worms for writing programs with
all those fancy symbols! APL here we come!

reverse ")-:"

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