important news: refocusing discussion

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Fri Mar 24 06:07:53 EST 2006

Ross Paterson <ross at> wrote:

> >
> Do you envisage Haskell' implementations that do not support
> concurrency?

This is one of the outstanding questions in the proposal itself.
To aid discussion, here is what the proposal says:

> * Standardise on Concurrent Haskell without STM. It is our view that
>   even in the presence of STM, MVars offer functionality that is distinct
>   from STM and separately useful, so this leaves room for growth.
> * Use the semantics from Extending the Haskell FFI with Concurrency
> Questions:
> * Decide how much pre-emption is acceptable, and figure out how to
>   specify this.
> * Should we specify what an implementation that doesn't provide
>   concurrency should do? (e.g. provide an implementation of MVars in terms
>   of IORefs, so that concurrency-safe libraries can be written portably).
> * Require bound thread support, or make it optional? (YHC has
>   concurrency with non-blocking foreign calls, but doesn't have bound
>   threads as yet.)

So as I understand it, the idea is basically to record the "state of the
art" in current practice as an addendum to the Report - yes?  If your
implementation claims to do concurrency, then it must do it (at least)
in conformance to the semantics of the addendum.  If you do not
implement concurrency, then obviously it doesn't apply.

But Q2 explicitly raises the issue of whether a non-concurrent
implementation must still follow a minimum API.  That could be a
reasonable requirement, if we fleshed out the detail a bit more.  The
specific suggestion of requiring MVars makes me a tiny bit worried
though.  After all, MVars capture the idea of synchronisation between
threads, and I assume that since a non-concurrent implementation has
only one thread, that thread will be trying to MVar-synchronise with
something that does not exist, and hence be blocked for ever.  I can
imagine that there are situations where synchronisation is entirely safe
and free of blocking, but how to specify when it would be unsafe?

(As an interesting aside, I believe yhc implements IORefs in terms of
MVars, rather than the other way round...)


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