Strict tuples

John Hughes rjmh at
Wed Mar 22 05:36:53 EST 2006

<>From: "Simon Marlow" <simonmar at>

    <>After some thought, I find myself with a similar view to John. Strict
    <>tuples are starting to feel like real language bloat, one tiny
    <>too much.
    <>Remember, every addition we make to the core syntax is multiplied
    by all
    <>the parsers for Haskell and tools that have to grok Haskell, and make
    <>the bar ever-so-slightly higher to producing such tools. There's a
    <>reason that syntax ends in "tax" :-)

Not to mention all the brains that have to learn it. It seems to me the
gain is small, considering how easy it is to do already.

    <>By all means have strict tuples in a library somewhere. They don't
    <>to have special syntax.



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