Infix expressions

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Mar 16 03:20:18 EST 2006

If it is sufficiently non-obvious to require this thread, perhaps it'd
be worth adding the relevant guidance can be added to the idioms page

Incidentally, I looked on the Haskell home page for links to programming
idioms and advice, but came up empty.  The obvious place to look was
under "Using Haskell", but I didn't find anything.  Was I being stupid? is the obvious place to look for advice about programming in


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| > > Yes, this is _exactly_ the kind of thing to add to the Idioms
| > > page of the wiki, here:
| > >
| > > So if anyone knows of an interesting Haskell trick, and wants to
| > > about it,  add a page!
| >
| > It is not entirely clear _how_ to add a page hanging off Idioms.
| > you click on "Edit this page", the text edit box contains only a
| > word: [[Category:Haskell]], and no visible record of the existing
| > Rather confusing, and there is no link to "add a new page" or
| To add your page to a particular category, have [[Category:Idioms]]
| example) appear at the bottom of the page -- it then appears
| You add a new page just by typing that page's url into your browser.
| You'll get a blank page suggesting that you create it (once you log
| -- Don
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