Collections (was: Arrays)

Alson Kemp alson at
Thu Mar 2 13:14:30 EST 2006

  Following on an earlier e-mail about refactoring

  In noodling around with collections, sets, maps,
arrays, I seem to have duplicated (a very small piece
of) some of SPJ's work in "Bulk types with class"...
from 9 years ago...  In particular, Section 4 lays out
the beginning steps of how to use multiparameter
classes to implement a consistent set of Collections
and subclasses.

  I know that I floated something similar a couple of
weeks ago, but, based on the above, I thought that I'd
float a more specific proposal:


  In Haskell', "collection"-style classes will be
moved from the Data module and to the Collection
module.  Modules would be organized something like as
   . ...
   . Int
   . ...

  Backwards compatibility can be maintained by leaving
deprecated Data classes.

  If there's no objection, I'll create a proposal
ticket and flesh out the proposal more clearly.

  - Alson

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