The dreaded M-R

lennart at lennart at
Mon Jan 30 09:26:43 EST 2006

John Hughes <rjmh at> writes:
> By the way, you leave out a lot of type signatures too. Your Djinn
> module contains 29 declarations with type signatures--and 17
> without. The 17 are local, but local declarations are precisely
> those where, without the M-R, a lack of sharing would be most likely
> to bite.

I've never been advocating type signatures on local bindings, only
top level.  For local bindings I sometimes do it, sometimes not.

Since the scope of a local bind is, umm, local, the compiler has
a much better chance of figuring out exactly what type it should
have.  I'm counting on the compiler to do its job here.  And
it seems to work. :)  But I should see what happens with my code
if I turn off the M-R.

    -- Lennart

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