The dreaded M-R

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Thu Jan 26 09:59:45 EST 2006

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> writes:

> On 26 January 2006 09:59, John Hughes wrote:
> > The solution I favour is simply to use *different syntax* for the two
> > forms of binding,
> I wonder if there's an alternative solution along these lines:
>   - We use ParialTypeSignatures to make bindings monomorphic:
>     eg.
>       x :: _
>       x = (+1)

I agree with Simon that two forms of binding feels like a heavyweight
solution.  Variable-binding is just such a fundamental thing, that
introducing a second form would need exceptional justification IMO.
However partial type signatures seem like a very nice alternative.
Just as currently, the decision on monomorphising a binding is based
on the type signature (its presence, absence, or form).


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