an example of why users should be able to edit tickets

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Jan 25 20:35:23 EST 2006

Not to beat a horse...

Here's an example of why users should be able to edit tickets.  If
Duncan could do anything with the wiki, I could ask him to bring
together the various semi-formal proposals into a ticket or three
tickets.  Then we can reasonably weigh it in with the other proposals
later on, and perhaps move it to the wiki if we're strongly
considering it.

No one has replied to Duncan in 2 days, but is it actually the case
that no one believes these ideas should be considered further?  Since
I am committed to taking input from the community, I want to be able
to watch whether or not these threads get to a conclusion.  I don't
want to use my email reader for this; they're open loops that I want
to track in a ticket system.



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