module system/namespaces: separate with/use, allow local "use"

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at
Wed Jan 25 04:14:40 EST 2006

With the module system, we should make a distinction between declaring

(1) that we want to use a module
(2) how to bring the module's names into scope

E. g. in Ada, there is "with" and "use", and "use" can be local,
see also
(Similar thing is "using namespace" in C++) (in Java, "import" does
really mean "use", since everything is "withed", but that "use" then has
to be global - presumably for the same reason that Ada-with must be
at the start of the module: for maintenance, dependence on
other modules should be clearly visible).

I think the current Haskell definition (import .. qualified .. hiding)
is kludgy. Especially "hiding": that sounds similar in spirit to
a subroutine call  of the kind "call function f but don't execute its
fourth statement".

(PS: now it's enough kidneys from me)
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