Array interface refactoring

Alson Kemp alson at
Wed Feb 22 12:26:34 EST 2006


> SPJ> Library design is certainly part of the
> Haskell' process, as I
> SPJ> understand it.  And the refactoring you
> describe sounds sensible and
> SPJ> desirable.  What it needs is someone willing to
> take up the cudgels and
> SPJ> do it.  Library design takes real work.
> i can take this work. although i personally thinks
> that this library more needs internal than external 
> changes and interfaces are close to
> fine

  Since I'm not a Haskell expert, I'm of the opposite
mind: the internal stuff seems fine to me (the joy of
ignorance), but the external face is rather confusing.
 The number of Wiki pages and mailing list discussions
dedicated to the peculiarities of the libraries
suggest that others were confused, too.  [Newbies are
always confused, so this isn't a bullet-proof

  I think that simply reviewing and revising library
function names while deprecating the old ones woudl
provide much improvement in return for little

  In any case, if you would (1) start the process or
(2) recommend how we start this process up, I'd be
more than happy to contribute ideas/suggestion/sweat,
whatever the result.  

  - Alson

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