the MPTC Dilemma (please solve)

Ravi Nanavati ravi at
Tue Feb 14 16:14:14 EST 2006

My personal opinion is that while a delay might resolve this particular 
dilemma, I don't see a delay as preventing *future* dilemmas along the 
same lines. As long as Haskell implementations actively experiment with 
the language (and I don't think this is something we'd want to 
discourage) I'd expect that there would always be features that people 
find highly useful that aren't straightforward to standardize for one 
reason or another. And given the volume of extensions most "real-world" 
Haskell programs are using today, I think there's plenty worth 
standardizing regardless of how things are resolved with this particular 

  - Ravi

P.S. I suppose this is also an argument for some sort of 
"extension-blessing" mechanism. If we're expecting a future in which a 
thousand more extensions will bloom, it seems like a good idea to create 
some mechanism for implementers and users to manage that complexity.

Jim Apple wrote:
> On 2/10/06, isaac jones <ijones at> wrote:
>>Without a solution, Haskell' will be somewhat
>>obsolete before it gets off the ground.
> This seems to be a serious stumbling block - has there been thought of
> delay? Would it be worth it to wait a couple of years if doing so
> would get this right?
> Jim

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