First class labels

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Feb 10 08:04:45 EST 2006

| the concrete proposal is to address one of these remaining issues,
| namely how to identify record field labels as such. for that, I
| three options, although that outline perhaps wasn't concrete enough:
| 1. make label declarations unneccessary (eg., #pointX :: #PointX)
| 2. make type sharing expressible (something like the sharing
|     constraints in Standard ML's module language, to allow you to
|     say when two declarations from different imports refer to the
|     same type)
| 3. introduce a least upper bound for shared label imports
|     (so A and B could just 'import Data.Label(pointX)', which
|      would magically provide the shared declaration for pointX)

Thanks for the clarifications.  But I am still in the dark.  I have
literally no clue about *exactly* what your suggestions would entail.
What would the effect on the type system of (1) be?  Or (2) -- is it
just a name-space issue or is it something to do with types.  Or (3) --
I have even less clue here. Sorry to be dense


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