Restricted Data Types: A reformulation

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Tue Feb 7 22:59:46 EST 2006

John Meacham wrote:

> however, (Set (a -> a)) is malformed. since a _requirement_ is that Set
> can only be applied to a type with an Eq constraint so the instance you
> try to do something like
> returnid :: Set (a -> a) -- ^ static error! you need
> returnid :: Eq (a -> a) => Set (a -> a)
> the instant you introduce 'Set' you introduce the 'Eq' constraint. as
> long as you are just working on generic monads then there is no need for
> the Eq constraint.

OK, try this:

  foo :: (Monad m) => m Int
  foo = return id >>= (\i -> i 7)

  fooSet :: Set Int
  fooSet = foo

Since we have (Eq Int), your type-checker should allow this. But your 
instance implementation of return and (>>=) made assumptions about their 
arguments that foo does not stick to.

Ashley Yakeley

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