Representing Tuple types as products

Cale Gibbard cgibbard at
Mon Feb 6 01:32:17 EST 2006

Personally, I'd love support for this sort of thing. It's easy to set
up your keyboard (at least in Gnome) to be able to type greek
characters and to add a compose key for lots of the unicode magic. If
this is done, it might be a good idea for someone to write a tool to
sugar/desugar the unicode for the benefit of those who are on
terminals which don't support it.

Currently in GHC, we have the problem that it seems impossible to put
unicode characters in source files at all, even in string literals.

 - Cale

On 05/02/06, Thomas Davie <tatd2 at> wrote:
> Here's a random idea that popped into my head.  There have been a few
> discussions about unicode support in Haskell'. One of the particular
> places this is useful would appear to be type signatures, I was
> considering that it would be particularly neat to be able to
> represent tuples as cross products if the user so desired.  As such:
> fst :: α × β → α
> would be equivalent to:
> fst :: (α, β) → α
> Just random thought for the day, what do people think?
> Bob
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