give equal rights to types and classes! :)

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at
Thu Feb 2 18:22:17 EST 2006

Am Dienstag, 31. Januar 2006 15:16 schrieb Bulat Ziganshin:
> [...]

> 1) significantly simplifies declarations using typeclasses. i
> was seriously bitten by those huge declarations, and think that
> simplification in this area will lead to much wider use of type
> classes by the ordibary users (like me :) .

"Simple" doesn't necessarily mean "small".  In my opinion, your smaller type 
declarations are confusing since they mix up classes and types.  Classes and 
types are two totally different things.  A class corresponds to a set of 
types, not to a single type, and a class has methods which a type has not.

> [...]

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