isaac jones ijones at
Thu Feb 2 12:34:09 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 11:38 +0100, John Hughes wrote:
> For the last few days, my mail-box has been full of mail about the M-R, 
> lazy pattern
> matching, n+k patterns, comment syntax--it's just like the good old 
> days! And that
> worries me.
> Each of these topics is a snake pit--a tricky area of language design, 
> with many
> alternative possibilities and no clear winner. As such, they make great 
> discussion
> topics--if you want to start a heated argument, just propose a change to 
> one of
> these (mea culpa)! We've also been discussing most of them for sixteen 
> years.

I hope that we can avoid rehashing discussion where possible.  That
means going out and looking for objective information and putting it on
the wiki for everyone to see.  That means making ourselves aware (if we
aren't already) of past discussions.

I hope that those who were around "in the good old days" will
consistently interrupt threads with "we had this discussion on march
10th 1994 and here's what we came up with. I put the summary up on the
wiki along with links to two papers".

That's everyone's job, but especially the committee :)



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