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Thu Feb 2 06:02:17 EST 2006

John Hughes wrote:

> The problem with Haskell 98 is that it *lacks* features which
> have become absolutely essential to Haskell programmers today. Those
> features are what really *need* discussion and energy spent on them.

Very well, but this looks like a discussion for implementors and
languages lawyers. It's not that interesting for me as a
language/compiler user. For me, GHC is the de-facto standard
because it works. That's why I found it more interesting to discuss
improvements and changes. But I agree this is a different concern,
and standardizing current practice certainly is needed
to have a formally sound basis for further extensions.
Perhaps you want to restrict traffic on haskell-prime to the original
goal (standardization) and move everything else (incompatible
and untested and unwanted modifications) to sth. like haskell-wishlist
(I guess I'd unsubscribe from both, then, and get back to work :-)
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