Comment Syntax

John Meacham john at
Wed Feb 1 21:14:48 EST 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 03:04:14AM +0100, Josef Svenningsson wrote:
> I new this response were coming.... It basically comes down to how one
> interprets the maximal munch. I know there are plenty of people who agree
> with you. But there are those that agree with my standpoint as well. I'm not
> going to propose that we start arguing about this. I suppose we'll have to
> use other arguments to persuade each other about the comment syntax.

isn't a conference coming up? I propose a round-robbin single
elimination arm wrestling match. I mean, it really is the only
definitive way to solve issues like comment syntax.

There will also be a karaoke competition to determine the fate of the
monomorphism restriction.



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