Type sections

Andres Loeh loeh at iai.uni-bonn.de
Mon Dec 11 04:30:12 EST 2006

> I wonder about (-> e) - by analogy to expression sections it could be
> desugared to a type-level lambda. AFAIU, type-level lambdas are avoided
> when you want terminating type-checking. IIUC, you have an equivalent
> power if you turn on certain GHC's extensions. Perhaps with those
> extensions we could have type-level lambdas too? Or we have them
> already, somehow disguised?

You're right. Type sections are problematic, because if partially
applied, they'd require type-level lambda. Type lambda is definitely
not going to be in Haskell', and I'm not in favour of adding some
crippled form of type sections that must always be fully applied.


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