[Haskell-i18n] Unicode in source

Ketil Z. Malde ketil@ii.uib.no
26 Aug 2002 09:51:39 +0200

Here's what Guido v. R. says about Python:

| Indentation
| Use the default of Emacs Python-mode: 4 spaces for one indentation
| level. For really old code that you don't want to mess up, you can
| continue to use 8-space tabs. Emacs Python-mode auto-detects the
| prevailing indentation level used in a file and sets its indentation
| parameters accordingly. 
| Tabs or Spaces?
| Never mix tabs and spaces. The most popular way of indenting Python
| is with spaces only. The second-most popular way is with tabs
| only. Code indented with a mixture of tabs and spaces should be
| converted to using spaces exclusively. (In Emacs, select the whole
| buffer and hit ESC-x untabify.) When invoking the python command
| line interpreter with the -t option, it issues warnings about code
| that illegally mixes tabs and spaces. When using -tt these warnings
| become errors. These options are highly recommended! 

(from http://www.python.org/doc/essays/styleguide.html)

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