[Haskell-i18n] unicode notation \uhhhh implementation

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:18:22 +0100

> > I wasn't aware of that paragraph in the report until recently,=20
> > and as far as I know none of the current Haskell implementations
> > implement the '\uhhhh' escape sequences.
> >=20
> > One reason to use this approach would be if there already existed
> > a preprocessor to do the job - does anyone know of one? =20
> > If not, I think the paragraph could be deleted in favour of using=20
> > appropriate encodings for source files (I'd planned to implement
> > at least UTF-8 in GHC at some point).
> This means that internally GHC will treat or represent 'Char' as=20
> 32-bit integer ?

Yes, in GHC Chars are 32 bits.  HsChar is a 32-bit integral type in C.