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Martin Norbäck d95mback@dtek.chalmers.se
15 Aug 2002 11:56:11 +0200

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tor 2002-08-15 klockan 10.28 skrev Ketil Z Malde:
> I just want to repeat something somebody suggested, and which I
> thought was a really neat idea:  Have string constants in programs be
> replaced by (Prelude.fromString "..") or similar, like numerical
> constants are handled already.
> This was suggested in order to simplify the use of PackedString, but
> I think it might come in handy for translation issues, too.  Granted,
> it's not a complete printf with argument permutation and all, but at
> least it should be extremely simple, and, hey, it'll probably suffice
> for *my* uses :-)
> (Naturally, the idea is that Prelude.fromString can be repaced by a
> function that looks the string up in a translation table, instead of
> using the default value.  Any reason this won't work?)

It would probably work, but doing it like this will probably doesn't be
a good solution for translation. Why? Because not all strings should be
translated. The programmer has to mark the strings that should be
translated, by using a function like gettext (or __).

Using it for PackedString should be good, something like template
Haskell could solve this without requiring more language extensions.



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