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Dan Popa popavdan at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 18 10:03:03 EDT 2007

--- Dupont Corentin <corentin.dupont at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bonjour,

> Sinon étant débutant en Haskell, j'ai quelques
> questions à vous poser.

> Je travaille régulièrement sur des gros systèmes
> pour le Marine (hélas :).

> Ceux-ci sont généralement fait en ADA.
> Je me demande dans quel mesure on pourrait remplacer
> l'ADA par de l'Haskell?
> Est-ce qu'il y a en Haskell une gestion de la
> programmation concurente
> comme en ADA?

One mounth ago, when I browsed the documentation of
GHC 6.6 I have found a lot of stuff concerning
paralelism and conncurency. They are relatively new in
the standard and therefore not included in some old
books like Gentle Introduction.

Unfortunately I did not work with ADA - even if I know
it is somehow a standard in France. 

> Et est-ce qu'il existe des bibliothèques orienté
> math/physique, avec
> de l'analyse dimentionnelle, des matrices, de la
> cinématique, de la
> géométrie, de l'algèbre ensembliste, etc??

I don't actually know.  But the language is so
flexible and so expressive so:
 1) they will be soon available (don't know how soon
:( )
 2) the language is good as a DSL - domain small
languge tool. It means you, or I or anybody (including
all my students - I hope) can quickly implement a
translator in order to port linbraries. Check the
national page Ro - Haskell (on www.haskell.org) for a
quick impresion of how to build a simple language in
one day. There is a presentation there. 
 3) there exist some other interfaces with modules in
other languages ( C seems to be an example.)
Interfacing Haskell with an other language in order to
support existent libraries seems to me to be an
alternative idea.

> Est-il facile de communiquer par messages sur le
> réseau?
I suppose the answer is Yes, ther exists libraries,
even a small example somewhere in a page linked from
Haskell-fr. I do not remember where.
Do not hesitate to ask if needed.

Dan Popa (user:Ha$kell)

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