[Haskell-fr] projet de traduction

Gorgonite gorgonite at freesurf.fr
Sun Apr 29 04:00:30 EDT 2007


Merci à tous pour vos conseils, j'en ai tenu compte, et vous présente
ce que j'espère être la version définitive de l'annonce (que j'aimerais
poster mardi matin)




I don't know if there are french-speaking people people reading this
but we at haskell-fr have some great news today !

We didn't find any french translation of the "Gentle Introduction to
Haskell" (version 98), thus we decide to write it.
Today, I would like to announce that  we have completed a translation into
 that can be read by following the link :


It is currently available as a set of HTML pages.  We are
also putting into the "official format" with *.verb files.
Hopefully you will soon be able to download that version as well.

Please send your comments and suggestions to the French Haskell
mailing list haskell-fr at haskell.org

Best regards.

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