[Haskell-fr] projet de traduction

Gorgonite gorgonite at freesurf.fr
Thu Apr 26 03:35:43 EDT 2007


<quote Auteur="Eric Y. Kow">
> Je me demande aussi si ça serait pas une bonne idée de faire un annonce
> sur haskell at haskell.org (je peux relire l'anglais de l'annonce si vous
> voulez)

si j'ai un volontaire, autant en profiter :-)

voici un premier jet :



I don't know if there are french-speaking people in this mailing-list.
I haven't find any french translation of the "Gentle Introduction to
Haskell" (version 98), thus we decide to do it.

Today, I would like to present our translation, which you can read at the
following link :


If you have any suggestions about it, you can send them ;-)

Moreover, one person of our team is formatting this translation in the
"official format" with the files *.verb ; he hasn't finished yet... but we
hope you could download it soon.

Best regards.

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