[Haskell-cafe] Journal of Functional Programming - Call for PhD Abstracts

Graham Hutton Graham.Hutton at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu May 9 07:49:07 UTC 2024

Dear all,

If you or one of your students recently completed a PhD (or
Habilitation) in the area of functional programming, please
submit the dissertation abstract for publication in JFP:
simple process, no refereeing, open access, 200+ published
to date, deadline 31st May 2024.  Please share!

Best wishes,

Graham Hutton



Journal of Functional Programming

Deadline: 31st May 2024




Many students complete PhDs in functional programming each
year. As a service to the community, twice per year the Journal
of Functional Programming publishes the abstracts from PhD
dissertations completed during the previous year.

The abstracts are made freely available on the JFP website,
i.e. not behind any paywall.  They do not require any transfer
of copyright, merely a license from the author.  A dissertation
is eligible for inclusion if parts of it have or could have
appeared in JFP, that is, if it is in the general area of
functional programming.  The abstracts are not reviewed.

Please submit dissertation abstracts according to the instructions
below.  We welcome submissions from both the student and the
advisor/supervisor although we encourage them to coordinate.

Habilitation dissertations are also eligible for inclusion.



Please submit the following information to Graham Hutton
<graham.hutton at nottingham.ac.uk> by 31st May 2024.

o Dissertation title: (including any subtitle)

o Student: (full name)

o Awarding institution: (full name and country)

o Date of award: (month and year; depending on the
  institution, this may be the date of the viva, corrections
  being approved, graduation ceremony, or otherwise)

o Advisor/supervisor: (full names)

o Dissertation URL: (please provide a permanently accessible
  link to the dissertation if you have one, such as to an
  institutional repository or other public archive; links
  to personal web pages should be considered a last resort)

o Dissertation abstract: (plain text, maximum 350 words; you may
  use \emph{...} for emphasis, but we prefer no other markup or
  formatting; if your original abstract exceeds the word limit,
  please submit an abridged version within the limit)

Please do not submit a copy of the dissertation itself, as
this is not required.  JFP reserves the right to decline
to publish abstracts that are not deemed appropriate.



Graham Hutton
School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham
Nottingham NG8 1BB
United Kingdom


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