[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Ecosystem Workshop @ Zurihac

Jose Calderon jmct at haskell.foundation
Thu Feb 8 18:00:46 UTC 2024

Hello everyone,

Much like last year, the Haskell Foundation is putting on a technical
workshop co-located with Zurihac. Last year the focus was on GHC, this
year we are changing the scope of the workshop in order to include
tools that ‘fill out’ the Haskell and GHC development ecosystem,

* Haskell Language Server
* Cabal
* Haskell Ecosystem Security

The event will be held during the 2 days prior to Zurihac , 6-7 June,
2024. Please take this into account when planning your trip to

The event's aim is to help folks interested in contributing to these
tools get up to speed on the context, design, and workflow necessary
in order to make contributions to these projects. We're asking our
speakers to have 'good first issues' ready for volunteers to work on,
and Zurihac itself will be a great time to dive in whilst still having
access to the various maintainers. Additionally, the talks will be
recorded as a form of documentation for these tools.

We have a few speakers committed, but are still working on the overall
program. Once we have the program finalized, we will open
registration. We expect to have all speakers and talks finalized
within the next few weeks.

Just as last year, the event will have a modest registration fee in
order to cover its costs and pay for the speakers to attend.

If you have any suggestions on what tools/topics you would like to see
represented, I’m happy to hear them. While this year’s program is
mostly filled, it can help us know what to plan for future events like

I hope to see you there!

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