[Haskell-cafe] two HLS processes with same name

Dennis Raddle dennis.raddle at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 08:51:01 UTC 2023

I'm running the HLS plugin in VS Code on MacOS, on an M2 Apple Silicon
MacBook Pro. My computer is running low on RAM and the HLS process seems to
be fairly large for me (over 1 GB).  When I first run VS Code on a Haskell
workspace, there is one process called "haskell-language-server-9.2.8".
Eventually another process, taking an additional 1 GB, joins it. The two
processes have the same name.

Is it supposed to work like this?

Note about Apple Silicon FYI: I bought this computer in June with 16 GB
Integrated RAM. RAM is very expensive in a SoC. I'm discovering that a lot
of programs are memory hogs, not sure if it's the latest MacOS or M2, but
between running software development stuff and music-related apps, I'm
running out of RAM. I just bought a similar MacBook but with 32 GB RAM, and
will sell the current one. So eventually I won't worry about an extra GB
process or two.
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