[Haskell-cafe] The Haskell Foundation is seeking a new Executive Director

David Christiansen david at haskell.foundation
Tue Sep 5 20:03:03 UTC 2023

Dear Cafe,

I just realized that we didn't yet post this here - apologies!

I'll be stopping as ED of the Haskell Foundation at the end of the month,
because I got an offer to go back to software development and work on a
combination of technologies that I personally find extremely interesting
(dependent types, procedural hygienic macros, language embedding, software
verification, documentation and tools). It wasn't an easy decision to make,
but I won't be disappearing from the world of pure functional programming.

This means we need a new ED! You can see details here:

Every application received by the 29th will receive full consideration, but
the board will continue taking applications until the new ED has been found.

Until 22 September, I have time reserved to meet with people who are
interested, but unsure about whether the role is a good fit. I myself have
had these concerns - it was my first job not doing research or
software development since I was 23 years old, after all. I'm happy to have
an honest discussion about the job, how I did it, how someone else with
different strengths might do it, what my daily life is like and the
constraints that give rise to that, and so forth. Just let me know if
you're interested.

My canonical farewell post is here:

Thanks for your support! I'll see you around.

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