[Haskell-cafe] Should GHC 9.4.7 be native on MacBook Air M2?

David Banas capn.freako at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 18:36:17 UTC 2023

I’m working on a new MacBook Air M2.
I just bumped my current Haskell project to stack LTS-21.17, after catching up on the GHC porting effort news.
I did a stack clean / stack build and saw GHC 9.4.7 being installed, as expected, but still to the x86_64-osx directory:

% l ~/.stack/programs

% l ~/.stack/programs/x86_64-osx
ghc-8.10.3           ghc-8.10.4.tar.bz2   ghc-8.6.3.installed  ghc-9.0.2            ghc-9.2.2.tar.bz2    ghc-9.2.7.installed
ghc-8.10.3.installed ghc-8.4.3            ghc-8.6.3.tar.bz2    ghc-9.0.2.installed  ghc-9.2.5            ghc-9.2.7.tar.bz2
ghc-8.10.3.tar.bz2   ghc-8.4.3.installed  ghc-8.6.5            ghc-9.0.2.tar.bz2    ghc-9.2.5.installed  ghc-9.4.7
ghc-8.10.4           ghc-8.4.3.tar.bz2    ghc-8.6.5.installed  ghc-9.2.2            ghc-9.2.5.tar.bz2    ghc-9.4.7.installed
ghc-8.10.4.installed ghc-8.6.3            ghc-8.6.5.tar.bz2    ghc-9.2.2.installed  ghc-9.2.7            ghc-9.4.7.tar.bz2

I was expecting a native version; do I misunderstand something?

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