[Haskell-cafe] Release: stan, supporting GHCs 8.8-9.4

Tom Ellis tom-lists-haskell-cafe-2023 at jaguarpaw.co.uk
Fri Oct 13 13:06:29 UTC 2023

I'm pleased to announce a new release of `stan`, a static analysis
tool for Haskell. `stan` now supports GHCs in the range 8.8-9.4[1].

### About `stan`

Stan is a command-line tool for analysing Haskell projects. It
discovers which parts of the code can potentially be improved, and
offers suggestions on how to do so. Read more about  `stan` in its

### Installation

I recommend obtaining `stan` from Hackage by following [the
installation instructions in the


### Help wanted

`stan` lacks active maintainers and is currently in essential
maintainance only mode. I am helping out to make sure `stan` can
continue to build with newer GHCs. I would welcome assistance,
particularly on the following issues:

* Supporting GHC 9.6
* Supporting GHC 9.8
* Prospective support for GHC 9.10
* Fixing caching on Github Actions

If you would like to contribute to Stan please [create an
issue](https://github.com/kowainik/stan/issues) on the Github

### Credits

Thanks to the Kowainik team for creating `stan` in the first
place. Thanks to Veronika Romashkina for accepting me as a new
maintainer for the project.


[1] Some point releases are excluded because the GHC API doesn't seem
to provide enough type information, notably the later releases in the
9.2 series.

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