[Haskell-cafe] STOP THESE PATHOLOGIES... [Was: ANT 2024 CFP (December 4, 2023 ... etc.]

Jerzy Karczmarczuk jerzy.karczmarczuk at unicaen.fr
Mon Nov 27 13:41:41 UTC 2023

Le 27/11/2023 à 10:21, Jeremy Gibbons gently reacts  to an inacceptable 
response of Mr. Ali Benzerbadj addressed to Ivan Perez and the Haskell 
language communities, concerning sending irrelevant messages to our 
mailing lists. Jeremy writes:
> I don’t see that any of these are “related to Haskell”. Has there ever 
> been any paper mentioning Haskell at any of these conferences? Do 
> their calls for papers mention functional programming? If these 
> conferences are not “related to Haskell”, then their announcements do 
> not belong on the Haskell mailing list.
> Jeremy


Jeremy, please... It is plainly obvious that Mr. A.B has no idea what 
Haskell is... :

>> On 27 Nov 2023, at 07:28, Ali BENZERBADJ 
>> <ali.benzerbadj at univ-temouchent.edu.dz> wrote:
>> /.../ Are you the admin of the mailing list? *I assume that Haskell 
>> is the one who assesses the relevance of announcements. **If the 
>> topic doesn't interest you, just ignore it, and that's it.*

I send a copy of my posting to Mr. Benzerbadj, since I am certain that 
he doesn't read */any /*of numerous lists, where he dumps his spam. 
Otherwise he would recognize that Haskell is the name of a programming 
language, and the Mystical Administrator and the Spirit of all those 
lists is called Curry (well, I know that in Algeria people ignore Curry, 
because they employ more powerful spices, e.g.,   Ras-El-Hanout, but a 
university lecturer and Publicity Chair of a world-wide conference in 
Belgium, should be more cosmopolitan!)

BTW, the staff of the advertised conference is very, very international, 
you will find therein even some Belgians, for example Ansar-Ul-Haque 
Yasar, Muhammad Adnan, and  Ibad Kureshi. I believe that they could have 
helped  Mr. Benzerbadj with the selection of the mailing lists which 
would accept his announcements with true joy, gratitude, and enthusiasm.

Speaking about gratitude...
We should thank Mr. Benzerbadj for the broadcasting of news about this 
important conference, which covers many fascinating and cutting-edge  
domains! I was particularly interested by the last item: "General 
Track", whose name already promises a world-changing revolution!

Also, the tracks:
  - Context-awareness and Multimodal Interfaces
  - Human Computer Interaction
  - Smart Environments and Applications
are for me of paramount importance, seriously! For example, the 
context-aware interaction between your humble servitor and my laptop, 
encouraged me to install a really smart environment, which permitted my 
multimodal interfaces to filter away and throw to Limbo (Jahannam, 
Gehenna, etc., choose your favourite place) all messages by Mr. 
Benzerbadj [and similar], so I couldn't even know that he became a 
Person of Interest.

Jerzy Karczmarczuk

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