[Haskell-cafe] A question about type families conflicting instances

Darryn reid.darryn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 23:57:39 UTC 2023

On Wednesday, 22 November 2023 10:30:01 PM ACDT haskell-cafe-request at haskell.org wrote:
> > Thank you to anyone in advance who can help; I do really appreciate it. 
> I think a simple redefinition of "Formable" takes care of the described
> obstacle.  Do you have other requirements that make it impractical?
> -- 
>     Viktor.

Hi Viktor. Thanks again for taking a look at this and giving me advice. I hadn't thought of the problem like this, using kind representation. The short answer is that I'm not sure yet whether there are any other requirements that bear on this, given the exploratory nature of the little project, but having just played with your modifications and then worked it back to the main code, this solution looks excellent at this stage. Really appreciate it.


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