[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] mtl-2.3.1

Emily Pillmore emilypi at cohomolo.gy
Mon Oct 31 21:35:04 UTC 2022

Hello Ghosts and Ghouls,

After a period of spooky deliberation and well-received release candidate, Koz and I are pleased to announce `mtl-2.3.1`, which features the following hellish changelog:

* Add `modifyError` to `Control.Monad.Error.Class`, and re-export from


* Make the `MonadCont` instance for `ContT` more polykinded; now, `r` is allowed

to be of an arbitrary kind `k`, rather than only `Type`.

* Add a generic `liftCallCC` for use with any `MonadTrans`.

* Add `modifyError` to `Control.Monad.Error.Class`

* Return re-export of `ExceptT` and related functions to `Control.Monad.Except`.

* Add `label` function to `MonadCont`

If you wish to migrate to `mtl-2.3.x` and have not yet done so, please refer the migration guide in the repo: https://github.com/haskell/mtl/blob/master/docs/Mtl-2.3.x-Migration.md

A release has been published on the github repository under the tag v2.3.1.

Happy Halloween!

Emily + Koz
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