[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] - Hugs for MacOS (x86) - via Nix Flakes

Justin Bailey jgbailey at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 15:31:04 UTC 2022

I spent some time with the last public release of the Hugs sources,
making them compile on a modern Mac (x86 chipset). I used Nix's flakes
feature to manage the build and install.

If you'd like to run the hugs interpreter directly using the flake, just type:

`nix run github:m4dc4p/hugs#hugs`

If you'd like to execute a Haskell file, try:

`nix run github:m4dc4p/hugs <file.hs>`

Or alternately:

`nix run github:m4dc4p/hugs#runhugs <file.hs>`

(That is, `runhugs` is the default app provided by the flake.)

See the README at https://github.com/m4dc4p/hugs for more details
(including other binaries available).

I don't have much of a use case for Hugs, so I got the flake to the
point where I could start the interpreter and run simple programs. I'm
glad to accept pull requests or bug reports. You can find the source
and submit any issues at https://github.com/m4dc4p/hugs.

Note: I don't have access to Apple silicon, so this build has only
been tested under x86. If it works for M1 please let me know, or if
you are able to submit a PR I'd welcome it!



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