[Haskell-cafe] Announcing the Haskell Error Index

David Christiansen david at haskell.foundation
Fri Oct 21 17:36:29 UTC 2022

Hi Olaf,

> the Haskell error index is an awesome idea and the existing entries of
> high quality.

Thanks! I hope it ends up being useful.

> Are there plans to tap the already quite enormous online resources
> about GHC errors, e.g. this mailing list, reddit and stackoverflow? One
> can imagine there are numerous brilliant explanations to be found.

I wouldn't feel comfortable taking somebody else's explanations, unless the
author wanted to contribute them. But links from the error index to good
explanations elsewhere on the Web are certainly welcome as part of the

> How did the other languages you mentioned handle the initial
> populatuion with content? (A general problem knowledge bases suffer: To
> be useful, a critical mass of knowledge must be accumulated, otherwise
> users won't be likely to contribute.)

I think that the PHP community started with hand-written API documentation
like most other languages have, and then attached a comment section with
quality moderation that attracted good additional information from PHP
users. I don't know who wrote the information in the Rust error index, but
given that its texts are shorter, I suspect that it was someone working on
the compiler docs as a whole anyway. That site doesn't have a user-driven
section, from what I could see, though perhaps there's somewhere to send

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