[Haskell-cafe] Tlon is hiring a Haskell developer as a Senior Platform Engineer

Edward Amsden edwardamsden at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:20:58 UTC 2022

Urbit (urbit.org) is a social OS for everyone, and Tlon (tlon.io) is
the primary company building it. Currently, most people run their Urbit
OS on their own machine, but this won’t work for the masses. People
need an easy way to get onto the network, and Tlon Hosting is building
the product and platform to provide that. We are committed to becoming
the primary infrastructure company for Urbit, hopefully managing
millions of Urbit instances (aka “ships”) in the future. You will be
joining a small team that is laying the foundation to build an
ambitious and profitable business, which means you can have a big
impact, and not only at Tlon, but on Urbit at large. 

We are looking for an infrastructure and platform engineer that is
capable of leading the development of the next iteration of the hosting
system. Running many Urbit instances at scale is not easy, because each
instance needs to be carefully monitored and most Urbit life-cycle
tasks need to be fully automated. To that effect, we implemented our
own Kubernetes operator and additional tooling, all of which are
written in Haskell. The role we are hiring for will have a central
place in the further buildout of the system. You will develop the basic
primitives and APIs that other engineers use to create a full featured
hosting product. Additionally, you will need to be able to think
strategically about how to iterate on the hosting platform so that
other people can build on top of Urbit without having to worry where
and how most of the Urbit instances run. In other words, hosting will
have to become the most reliable and fool-proof way of using Urbit.

Urbit is written in its own programming language, Hoon, and the runtime
is written in C. But the hosting platform code is all written in
Haskell, and that is what we are hiring for.

The position and team is 100% remote. Most of us work in Europe time
zones, and we prefer UTC +- 3 hours, but we are flexible. We do
multiple offsites every year where we get to spend time IRL as a team
and with everyone else at Tlon.

Compensation range is $140-190k base salary, plus benefits, plus
sizable bonus. There is a slight difference in the comp package
structure depending on whether you are in the US or not, but in dollar
value it should come out the same. 

Job Posting: https://tlon.io/careers/senior-platform-engineer

To apply, write us here: apply at tlon.io
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