[Haskell-cafe] [template haskell] Sharing names between constructors and types

Patrick L Redmond plredmond at ucsc.edu
Thu May 19 20:15:23 UTC 2022

Hello Haskell Cafe,

When can a type not share the name of a constructor?

Defining a type and a constructor with the same name, manually, as
follows, seems to be acceptable:

    data F = F | T
    data T

However, if the type is generated by Template Haskell, it is no longer
acceptable, as follows:

    voidType :: Name -> DecsQ
    voidType n = do
        d <- dataD (return []) n [] Nothing [] []
        return [d]

In a separate module:

    data F = F | T
    $(voidType 'T)

This will result in a "Multiple declarations of ‘T’" error. Is this expected?

Thank you,

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