[Haskell-cafe] cabal v2 global install status

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Thu May 5 10:28:37 UTC 2022


Ivan Perez wrote:
 > It made installation of Haskell packages for newbies easier too: 
create a sandbox. mess around in it, and if you want to start over, just 
erase .cabal-sandbox. Done!

Just chiming saying that I dont agree with this. I don't know a single 
person from my personal life who managed to use the sandbox successfully.
Quite contrary, personally, I used to be a flaming stack advocate 
because I was never able to use cabal for anything.
 From my point of view, cabal's sandbox was a weird mess that was hard 
to understand. Also, stateful mutations seem much more complicated and 
error-prone to me.

Ivan Perez wrote:
 > the fact that v2-install --lib has not always worked well for me.

I agree that `v2-install -lib` is a terrible interface, but cabal-env 
shows how we can implement the desired functionality quite beautifully, 
avoiding as much as stateful changes as possible.

Ivan Perez wrote:
 > This workflow (installing packages in a store in the project 
directory) should be not just supported, but /encouraged/. Keeping all 
changes local /should be the default/.

I don't think this should be the default, in my opinion optimising the 
installation times, etc... is, especially for newcomers, what we usually 
want. You yourself said that you use this on very large projects, so, 
isn't it more reasonable to make experts jump through the extra hoop, 
e.g. by using cabal-env, to get the workflow you want?

Best regards,
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