[Haskell-cafe] [CFP closing soon!] Functional Conf 2022 Call for Proposals close 15 Jan

John Sinclair john at yourdigitalvoice.net
Tue Jan 11 09:16:14 UTC 2022

Just 4 days remain to submit proposals for speaking at Functional Conf
Conf> 2022.

This is an online opportunity for you to contribute to Asia’s most vibrant
functional programming conference. All selected speakers get a free ticket
to the conference.

Share your knowledge of Haskell and connect with programmers actively
contributing to the development of FP languages, developers using it in
their day-to-day programming and those just getting started on their FP
journey. There’s something for everyone!

At our last conference we featured keynotes from international guests Edward
Kmett> (Chairman, Haskell Core Libraries Committee), Michael Snoyman
Snoyman> (VP Engineering at FP Complete) and Tony Morris
Morris> (Sr. Software Engineer at Queensland FP Lab).

Will you join us as a speaker this year?

This year we are focusing on the themes of:

   - Applying FP - Applying FP sessions are targeted at Developers, who
   understand the basics of FP, maybe even practice some FP at work. Helping
   them understand how they can apply even more FP concepts more at work.
   - FP Bootcamp - FP Bootcamp is targeted at Developers, who want to kick
   start their FP journey.
   - Mastering FP - Mastering FP sessions are targeted at Developers, who
   already apply a decent amount of FP concepts at work. Developers, who want
   to go deeper and maybe even become a contributor to a FP language or

Session Formats

   - Talks/Case-Studies (20 or 45 minutes)
   - Demos (20 or 45 minutes)
   - Experience Reports (20 minutes)
   - Hands-on workshop/tutorials (45 or 90 minutes)

Proposal submission deadline: 15 January

Learn more and submit your proposal: https://confng.in/qXN4WvpA
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