[Haskell-cafe] Initiating package takeover: size-based and testing-feat

Brent Yorgey yorgey at hendrix.edu
Mon Feb 28 15:41:12 UTC 2022

Hi everyone,

Wen Kokke (cc'd) and I intend to take over maintainership of the
size-based and testing-feat packages.  I have tried to contact the
current maintainer, Jonas DuregÄrd (also cc'd), multiple times over the
past year via both GitHub and email.  I have both requested new releases
incorporating existing PRs, and also offered to help with maintenance,
but I have not received any response.  I don't intend to do do anything
fancy with the packages or make major changes, but they are nice
packages and I would like to see them able to build on newer GHCs.

Happy to hear any comments or feedback (especially from Jonas), but in
any case, this email serves as official notice of our intention.  If I
still haven't heard from Jonas after a while I will proceed with
contacting the Hackage admins to request a transfer of maintainership.


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