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Todd Wilson twilson at csufresno.edu
Wed Dec 14 17:19:30 UTC 2022

Hi Cafe,

I've taught university Computer Science for 20+ years, many of those using
Haskell to both illustrate and have students explore the concepts they
learn, and now I'm looking to organize my course materials as interactive
books or long-form tutorials for non-commercial release to a larger
audience, and I am trying to find an appropriate platform. I've looked at a
few possibilities already, such as org-mode, IHaskell notebooks, and some
blogging platforms, but all would seem to involve significant configuration
before they would be suitable for what I'm trying to achieve. And so I'm
inquiring here to see if there are some choices that I hadn't considered,
or ready-made configurations for some that I have, which I could look into
further and adapt.

Ideally, I would like to be able to:

   - use LaTeX or equivalent for high-quality typesetting (most of my
   current non-interactive materials are LaTeX documents),
   - organize content hierarchically, with varying visibility of
   subsections, so that readers could go into as much detail as needed (extra
   explanations, examples, diagrams, etc., that could be viewed if desired or
   easily skipped if not), using cookies to remember each reader's current
   visibility choices starting from an initial default,
   - provide code snippets that are executable in place with results
   incorporated into the document and perhaps modifiable for experimentation,
   - export to PDF.

Suggestions or templates for the above would be very welcome. Thanks,

Todd Wilson
California State University, Fresno
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