[Haskell-cafe] STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND from HLS 1.7 on Windows 10/11

J. Garrett Morris jgbm at acm.org
Wed Aug 31 19:19:33 UTC 2022

Dear cafe,

A few of my students have encountered a problem running HLS 1.7 on Windows
10/11.  Their Haskell installations mostly seem okay---everything installed
by `ghcup` (1.8) , and `cabal` (3.6.2) and `ghc` (9.2.2) work as expected.
However, when VS Code (via the Haskell plugin) attempts to start the
language server, it exits repeatedly with error STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND (or
its signed integer equivalent).

Has anyone encountered a configuration that leads to this problem before?
Most of the students are not having this problem (nor am I, on similar
software configurations), so I suspect it's a consequence of something else
they have installed.


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 -- Seneca
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