[Haskell-cafe] Cabal or stack in 2021 ?

Alexis Praga alexis.praga at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 20:53:31 UTC 2021

Speaking about a build script, FreeBSD has one for xmonad (see below,
located in /usr/local/share/examples/xmonad/build).



# must match "executable" line from xmonad-config.cabal

# xmonad tells us how it want resulting executable to be named
output_file=$1; shift


if [ ! -f "$HOME/.cabal/config" ]; then
cabal new-update

# build the config
cabal new-configure --enable-optimization --enable-executable-stripping
cabal new-build

if [ "$output_file" != "" ]; then
# move resulting binary where it was requested to reside
res=`find $CFG_DIR/dist-newstyle -type f -perm +111 -name $EXE_NAME`
if [ "$res" == "" ]; then
    return 1
# use "mv" to be able to replace a running executable
mv -f "$res" "$output_file"
cp "$output_file" "$res"

> On 30-09-21 12:22, Brandon Allbery wrote:
>> If you use a build script (see the xmonad-testing repo for one that works
>> with cabal projects; it's tested because I use it myself) you can get mod-q
>> back.
> Good reference! Thanks!
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