[Haskell-cafe] Best to not go there...

Tom Ellis tom-lists-haskell-cafe-2017 at jaguarpaw.co.uk
Sat Sep 18 07:30:12 UTC 2021

On Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 02:03:11AM -0400, Viktor Dukhovni wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 03:35:29PM +1200, Anthony Clayden wrote:
> > In fact it's deliberate that the docos are exclusionary. As part of
> > this grand plan, Viktor is deliberately making the Libraries docos
> > impenetrable. (By which I mean: the style is clear, but the material
> > is unlearnable. Apparently I need to know what is an endomorphism
> > before I can write a Foldable instance)
> I believe I'm owed an apology.  The above is inappropriate snark that
> does not belong on this forum.  If we start finger pointing at people
> driving away participation, perhaps a look in the mirror is warranted.

Fully agreed.  Base has lacked important documentation for *years*.
Anyone could have volunteered to improve it during those years but no
one did.  In the end it was Viktor who made the effort.  He deserves
our thanks and support and constructive suggestions for futher
improvements.  Thanks Viktor!  Here's to continued collaborative
improvement of our ecosystem.

> If you'd like to write some text from a more approachable perspective
> that augments or replaces the current text, by all means open an MR in
> gitlab, and if it does a better job, I'll be among those cheering for it
> to be merged.



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