[Haskell-cafe] Haskell-Cafe Digest, Vol 217, Issue 16

Anthony Clayden anthony.d.clayden at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 07:01:46 UTC 2021

>> "The seeds of your confusion are very evident from your message".

> The seeds of your unsubstantiated assumptions about me are very evident from yours.

OK Michael, I can see I'm not helping. I'll stop.

On NLP (a topic on which I have some expertise), I'll save you time in
your search: Haskell is not suitable. Use a NLP tool. Programming
languages and their semantics are so unlike natural languages as to be

I found your "primer for the lexical semanticist" to be full of
strained and unhelpful analogies. I was surprised it omitted mention
of Montague Grammar -- which draws from Lambda calculus/Combinators,
and would be the obvious go-to _if_ Haskell were to be applicable.

On unsubstantiated assumptions:

> I started programming at 15.

Me too. (Dartmouth BASIC on a teletype over a dial-up line to a
timeshare service.)

> It's been a very rare year, even after leaving the software profession, when I didn't write at least some code, learning new things in the process.

Me ditto.

> Which means I've been looking at programming languages and how to implement things at the most appropriate level of abstraction possible for just a few months shy of fifty years.

For me, a few months over fifty years.

(BTW nothing you've said persuades me away from recommending the best
way to learn Haskell is via Lambda-calculus.)

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