[Haskell-cafe] Looking for ESOP'22 AEC members

Andreea Costea andreeac at comp.nus.edu.sg
Mon Oct 18 07:06:38 UTC 2021

For the first time since its foundation, ESOP will carry out an Artifact 
Evaluation process. The goal is to share with the community the research 
artefacts of papers accepted to its research track, acknowledging those 
works which have been rigorously implemented, tested and documented.

To this purpose, we are looking for motivated students and postdocs to 
be members of the ESOP 2022 Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC). The 
primary responsibility of an AEC member is to run the associated tools 
and confirm the results reported in the papers. If you know someone  
suitable for this role, please nominate them in the following form (or 
share the form with them for self-nomination):


Come join us in this effort!

Kind Regards,
Andreea Costea and KC Sivaramakrishnan,
AEC Co-Chairs of ESOP 2022

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